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iPhone Style Toolbar Icons
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Give Windows products iPhone look and feel with iPhone Style Toolbar Icons! The new set of iPhone icons is a royalty-free collection of images drawn to mimic the style of Apple iPhone devices. The collection of iPhone icons features contemporary gradient styling familiar to all iPhone users. This collection can be used for iPhone application development also, because it includes 57x57 and 59x60 images.

Numerous styles, formats, and sizes are available. The collection of iPhone icons contains images in sizes of 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, and 16x16 pixels, and supplies several iPhone-specific sizes such as shadowed version of 59x60 pixel images and 57x57 pixel without the shadow. All icons are supplied in 32-bit True Color, and come in normal, disabled, and highlighted states. A variety of file formats is provided, including ICO, PNG, and BMP formats.

iPhone Icon

iPhone Icons effect

iPhone Style Toolbar Icons

Save icons
Save SH icons
Save SH
Open icons
Open SH icons
Open SH
Folder icons
Folder SH icons
Folder SH
Documents icons
Documents SH icons
Documents SH
View icons
View SH icons
View SH
Undo icons
Undo SH icons
Undo SH
Redo icons
Redo SH icons
Redo SH
Refresh icons
Refresh SH icons
Refresh SH
Synchro- nize icons
Synchro- nize
Synchro- nize SH icons
Synchro- nize SH
Go back icons
Go back
Go back SH icons
Go back SH
Go forward icons
Go forward
Go forward SH icons
Go forward SH
Down icons
Down SH icons
Down SH
Up icons
Up SH icons
New icons
New SH icons
New SH
Copy icons
Copy SH icons
Copy SH
Paste icons
Paste SH icons
Paste SH
Cut SH icons
Cut SH
Cut icons
Camera icons
Camera SH icons
Camera SH
Delete icons
Delete SH icons
Delete SH
Print icons
Print SH icons
Print SH
Yes icons
Yes SH icons
Yes SH
OK icons
OK SH icons
Cancel icons
Cancel SH icons
Cancel SH
Add icons
Add SH icons
Add SH
Erase icons
Erase SH icons
Erase SH
Error icons
Error SH icons
Error SH
No icons
No SH icons
Edit icons
Edit SH icons
Edit SH
Notes icons
Notes SH icons
Notes SH
Order icons
Order SH icons
Order SH
Report icons
Report SH icons
Report SH
List icons
List SH icons
List SH
Card file icons
Card file
Card file SH icons
Card file SH
Notebook icons
Notebook SH icons
Notebook SH
Certificate icons
Certificate SH icons
Certificate SH
Book icons
Book SH icons
Book SH
Pocket- book icons
Pocket- book
Pocket- book SH icons
Pocket- book SH
Script icons
Script SH icons
Script SH
E-mail icons
E-mail SH icons
E-mail SH
Letter icons
Letter SH icons
Letter SH
Message icons
Message SH icons
Message SH
Attach icons
Attach SH icons
Attach SH
Address book icons
Address book
Address book SH icons
Address book SH
Help book icons
Help book
Help book SH icons
Help book SH
Help icons
Help SH icons
Help SH
Hint icons
Hint SH icons
Hint SH
Info icons
Info SH icons
Info SH
Tip of the day icons
Tip of the day
Tip of the day SH icons
Tip of the day SH
Shield icons
Shield SH icons
Shield SH
Police officer icons
Police officer
Police officer SH icons
Police officer SH
Exit icons
Exit SH icons
Exit SH
Lock icons
Lock SH icons
Lock SH
Key icons
Key SH icons
Key SH
Signature icons
Signature SH icons
Signature SH
Handshake icons
Handshake SH icons
Handshake SH
Tools icons
Tools SH icons
Tools SH
Options icons
Options SH icons
Options SH
Chip icons
Chip SH icons
Chip SH
Computer icons
Computer SH icons
Computer SH
Registry icons
Registry SH icons
Registry SH
Scales icons
Scales SH icons
Scales SH
Package icons
Package SH icons
Package SH
Brief case icons
Brief case
Brief case SH icons
Brief case SH
Filter icons
Filter SH icons
Filter SH
Database icons
Database SH icons
Database SH
Table icons
Table SH icons
Table SH
Search icons
Search SH icons
Search SH
Properties icons
Properties SH icons
Properties SH
Mobile phone icons
Mobile phone
Mobile phone SH icons
Mobile phone SH
Basket icons
Basket SH icons
Basket SH
Full basket icons
Full basket
Full basket SH icons
Full basket SH
Hand cart icons
Hand cart
Hand cart SH icons
Hand cart SH
Cash register icons
Cash register
Cash register SH icons
Cash register SH
Calculator icons
Calculator SH icons
Calculator SH
Payment icons
Payment SH icons
Payment SH
Coin icons
Coin SH icons
Coin SH
Credit card icons
Credit card
Credit card SH icons
Credit card SH
Credit cards icons
Credit cards
Credit cards SH icons
Credit cards SH
Delivery icons
Delivery SH icons
Delivery SH
Fast delivery icons
Fast delivery
Fast delivery SH icons
Fast delivery SH
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Stock Icons - Make the Toolbars More Functional!

These days, so many website and application designers are looking for eye catching stock icons. These icons are often effective as well as attractive in look and can make the whole element look better. Stock icons are often in use for the creation of lucrative windows icons, toolbars and menus. Most of the time icon files are now available online and you can view or download them as per your preferences. There are so many sites offering cheap deals on the download of stock icons that not only look great but also offering a right view of the web portal or the toolbars for which they have been added.

You can now purchase these icons in single set or you can download them in full set where you will also find different icons that can be used for the toolbar or menus creation like tasks. Whether you want to download complete set for these stock icons or you want to get it in single entity, you are always having a great chance to get these icons in cheap. There are so many elegant and experienced designers who have been assigned for the creation of stock icons. These designers are well known to the fact that such icons can make the toolbar look more effective as well as more functional.

Stock icons are perfect in attracting users' attention to the open specific regions of web pages. Generally, you want attention of user on call to action such as download and sign up signs. The stock icons help to establish actions providing the users are all familiar with use of icons to follow that very easily. The stock icons are beneficial on the websites that gives you different language choices. To be universal in the nature they help to break language barrier for communicating fast to multi - lingual audiences. The simple use of web icons will help the users to do what they exactly.

To run down the comparisons stock icons are right to use and comparing the tables get very simple with the web icons that are cutting down on text, and improving look & feel of table in place of making use of repetitive text, and by listing down features of table, checking as well as crossing stock icons to represent availability of same is much easier.

Available Icon Packages

Individual Ready Icons

You can buy individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually.

 Icon Usage Agreement
Large Weather Icons Large Weather Icons depict a number of weather conditions typical in software, weather portals, and mobile gadgets. The icons come in typical resolutions standard to Windows, Mac OS, and other systems. The biggest versions are huge 512x512 pixel icons with vector sources in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format easily available and ready to be printed or used in presentations in highest quality.

Medical Icons for Vista Medical Icons for Vista has been design to avoid any misunderstanding arising while viewing a medical webpage or operating a medical program. The images are available in numerous sizes and formats.

Vista Toolbar Icons Vista Toolbar Icons will give a variety to your GUI replacing the standard icons with top grade royalty-free icons in Vista style. The icons have bright colors and well-finished edges.

Program Toolbar Icons Add beautifully crafted toolbar icons to your recent projects. Program Toolbar Icons are readily available, royalty-free graphics of items, tasks and symbols that are commonly used in software toolbars.

Plastic Toolbar Icons Give your software, Web application or database an exclusive, attractive look with a stunning new collection of icons. Plastic Toolbar Icons are professionally developed and hand-crafted in all the available sizes.